Contemporary Materials I−2 (2010)

Contemporary Materials, I−2 (2010)  Page 112 of 116

UDK 539.186.3:543.422

M. W. Evans1, H. Eckardt2


The con­cept of R spec­tra of atoms and mo­le­cu­les is de­ve­lo­ped to gi­ve spec­tral pro­fi­les in in­di­vi­du­al exam­ples. The con­cept is ba­sed on ab­sorp­ti­on the­ory with con­ser­va­ti­on of li­ne­ar mo­men­tum cor­rectly con­si­de­red for the first ti­me. The­se con­si­de­ra­ti­ons ex­tend the Ein­ste­in energy equ­a­ti­on and rest energy con­cept to ge­ne­ral re­la­ti­vity, the rest mass con­cept of spe­ci­al re­la­ti­vity be­co­mes the co­va­ri­ant mass of ge­ne­ral re­la­ti­vity, de­fi­ned in terms of the R fac­tor with units of in­ver­se me­tres squ­a­red. Each ato­mic or mo­le­cu­lar tran­si­ti­on has its own R spec­trum or pat­tern.

Keywords: ECE the­ory, R the­ory, R spec­tra of atoms and mo­le­cu­les.


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