Contemporary Materials III−1 (2012)

Contemporary Materials, III−1 (2012)          Page 72 of 80

UDK 57.068.15:626.8


J. Munćan*

Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade Kraljice Marije 16, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Water is perhaps the most studied material today; it has been studied with different tools and methods, but its behavior and function remain elusive. Using water-light interaction based methods we wanted to analyze the connection between the structure of water and the effect this water has. The methods used for research of several spring waters, commercial mineral waters and tap waters are - IR spectroscopy with novel Aquaphotomics approach and Opto-magnetic spectroscopy. Using these methods, it was shown that under just slightly different conditions (atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity) not just that different waters behave differently, but the same water shows different behavior. This behavior which comes as a result of rich water dynamics which is a response to changes in its surroundings was captured and described using aquagrams and opto-magnetic fingerprint spectra.

Keywords: drinking water, water quality, оpto-magnetic spectroscopy, near infra red spectroscopy, aquaphotomics.

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