Contemporary Materials I−1 (2010)

Contemporary Materials, I–1 (2010)     Page 87 - 93

UDK 621.357:669.018

Corrosion stability of ElectrochemicalLy depositED Zn-Mn ALLOY coatings

M. V. Tomić1, M. M. Bučko2, M. G. Pavlović1, J. B. Bajat2

1 University of Eastern Sarajevo, Faculty of Technology Zvornik, Republic of Srpska, BiH
 2 University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, 11120 Belgrade, Serbia


Zinc al­loy co­a­tings elec­troc­he­mi­cally de­po­si­ted on steel from elec­trolytes with dif­fe­rent components dif­fer in the­ir com­po­si­tion, ho­mo­ge­ne­ity, po­ro­sity, struc­tu­re and other cha­rac­te­ri­stics that af­fect the­ir cor­ro­sion re­si­stan­ce. Man­ga­ne­se is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a very ne­ga­ti­ve electrochemi­cal po­ten­tial and very high strength, promp­ting many researchers to study Zn-Mn alloys for the an­ti-cor­ro­sion pur­po­ses in the in­du­stry, especially auto­mo­ti­ve. In this work it was exa­mi­ned the in­flu­en­ce of the type of the electrolyte de­po­si­tion on the cur­rent ef­fi­ci­ency du­ring elec­tro­de­po­si­tion of Zn-Mn al­loys. Zn-Mn al­loys we­re de­po­si­ted on steel from chlo­ri­de, sulp­ha­te and pyrop­hosp­ha­te pla­ting baths at dif­fe­rent cur­rent den­si­ti­es. We ha­ve exa­mi­ned the in­flu­en­ce of de­po­si­tion cur­rent den­sity on the cur­rent ef­fi­ci­ency du­ring elec­tro­de­po­si­tion, ap­pe­a­ran­ce of alloy co­a­tings, as well as the­ir cor­ro­sion sta­bi­lity. It was shown that Zn-Mn al­loys with the best corrosion pro­per­ti­es, among all exa­mi­ned ones, we­re ob­ta­i­ned from chlo­ri­de pla­ting bath at 2 A dm-2.

Keywords: Elec­tro­de­po­si­tion of al­loys, Zn-Mn al­loys, morp­ho­logy, cor­ro­sion pro­per­ti­es.

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