Contemporary Materials I−1 (2010)

Contemporary Materials, I−1 (2010)     Page 19 - 30

UDK 541.182:535.3


M. A. Montealegre, G. Castro, P. Rey, J. L. Arias, P. Vázquez, M.González

AIMEN Technology Centre, Relva 27 A, Torneiros, 36410 Porriño, Pontevedra, Spain


In­du­strial ap­pli­ca­ti­ons re­qu­i­re parts of com­po­nents with spe­ci­fic sur­fa­ce proper­ti­es such are good cor­ro­sion re­si­stan­ce, we­ar re­si­stan­ce and hard­ness. Al­loys with tho­se pro­per­ti­es are usu­ally very ex­pen­si­ve and the­re is a gre­at in­te­rest in re­du­cing the cost of com­po­nents for ful­fil­ling the­se requ­i­re­ments. In this sen­se, la­ser sur­fa­ce processing has been used as a cost-ef­fec­ti­ve tec­hni­que to im­pro­ve the sur­fa­ce pro­per­ti­es of ma­te­ri­als, by use of the la­ser be­am he­at for mo­di­fi­ca­tion of its struc­tu­re and physi­cal cha­rac­te­ri­stics. La­ser sur­fa­ce tre­at­ments can be di­vi­ded in­to di­rect proces­ses, which only need the ge­ne­ra­ted he­at, such are har­de­ning and mel­ting, and pro­ces­ses which need fil­ler ma­te­rial as al­loying and clad­ding. The­re­fo­re, the aim of this pa­per is to summari­ze the results of se­ve­ral works ba­sed on la­ser sur­fa­ce tre­at­ments, in par­ti­cu­lar, hardening and mel­ting of hot and cold work ste­els, and la­ser clad­ding of for­ming to­ols with nanoparticles. The mic­ro­struc­tu­ral cha­rac­te­ri­za­tion and mec­ha­ni­cal pro­per­ti­es (microhard­ness, we­ar re­si­stan­ce) will be de­scri­bed in each ca­se.

Keywords: La­ser, clad­ding, har­de­ning, na­no­par­tic­les, Nd:YAG la­ser, di­o­de la­ser.


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