List of participants




Plenary lesson

  1. Zoran Lj. Petrović - Applications of Non-Equilibrium Plasma in Nano-Electronica, Materials for Modern Technologies and Biological Materials Through the Control of Kinetic Phenomena
  2. Nenad Filipović - Digital Twin Technology for Bioengineering
  3. Plamen Tsankov - Measurement and Analysis of the Spectral Emission of Different Types of Domestic Lamps in the Blue Light Hazard Wavelength Range
  4. Ljubomir Majdandžić - Energy Crisis and Climate Change
  5. Duško Dudić - Contact-to-Mechanical Energy Conversion
  6. Stevan Armaković -  The Role of Molecular Modeling in the Pharmaceutical Industry: From Stability and Reactivity to Drug Delivery
  7. Ivana Radonjić Mitić - PV Modules Performances During Heating Season in Urban Areas