Contemporary Materials III−1 (2012)

Contemporary Materials, III−1 (2012)          Page 26 of 30

UDK 57.086.15:626.8


K. K. Jain*

FRACS, FFPM, CEO, Jain PharmaBiotech Blaesiring 7, CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland


In this paper the role of nanobiotechnology in the study of biological systems in water environment is presented. The functional nano-meter-scale structures in the cell such as genetic material, membranes, enzymes and molecular machines are decribed. The knowledge gained has applications in nanomedicine. Nanoparticles have practical applications in detection of water pollution and water purification, which is of public health importance worldwide.

Keywords: water, purification, nanobiotechnology, biomarcers, nanomedicine.

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