Contemporary Materials III−1 (2012)

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UDK 621.319:537.8


M. W. Evans

Civil List (www.webarchive.org.uk, www.aias.us, www.atomicprecision.com, www.upitec.org, www.et3m.net),
University of Wales, and Junior Research Fellow (1975) Wolfson College, Oxford


The general theory of matter field interaction is developed for use with scattering phenomena and applied to Compton scattering, of a photon from an initially stationary electron. The method is based on the ECE wave equation, which defines the R parameter of scattering theory. The wave equation is augmented by the minimal prescription and the relativistic Hamilton Jacobi equation. An expression is obtained for the photon mass during a photon electron scattering event. This method can be applied to scattering of a particle of any mass from another of any mass, i.e. to scattering theory in general.

Keywords: ECE wave equation, field interaction theory, scattering theory.

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