Contemporary Materials II−2 (2011)

Contemporary Materials (Renewable energy sources), II−2 (2011)          Page 171 of 177

UDK 535.651:621.313.5.025.4;


M. Petkov, D. Markova, St. Platikanov

Technical University of Gabrovo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electronics 4, Hadji Dimitar Str., 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria


The photovoltaic (PV) generators are a major element of PV power systems, characterized by a low conversion ratio. This accounts for the necessity to study the current-voltage and power-voltage characteristics of PV sources in order to obtain maximum power output when there are changes both in the modules themselves and in the environment where they operate. In this paper the classical and the modified single-diode models have been used to model the electrical characteristics of PV cells and modules. Mathcad software package has been used for the modelling. The impact of solar radiation, temperature and shading both on electrical characteristics and on the PV cells and modules efficiency has been studied. Copyright © 2006 IFAC

Keywords: electrical characteristics, single-diode model, modelling, efficiency.

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