Contemporary Materials II−2 (2011)

Contemporary Materials (Renewable energy sources), II−2 (2011)          Page 164 of 170

UDK 621.7:535.651 „2011“


Z. Petrušić, U. Jovanović, I. Jovanović, D. Mančić

University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, A. Medvedeva 14, Serbia


Abstract: This paper reviews the realization of a simple wireless measurement system for measurement of UV radiation based on a photodiode as a sensor. The realized system was designed to be a constituent part of a photovoltaic tracking system and the associated weather station both currently developed at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. The development of system hardware is presented as well as the calibration of the realized system and the test results obtained in the laboratory before and after calibration.

Keywords: UV radiation, photodiode, wireless measurement system, RF data transmission, calibration.

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