Contemporary Materials II−2 (2011)

Contemporary Materials (Renewable energy sources), II−2 (2011)          Page 145 of 154

UDK 621.35/.36:541.135.5-035.4


D. Lj. Mirjanić1, J. P. Šetrajčić1,2, S. S. Pelemiš3, S. Armaković2

1 The Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska, 78000 Banja Luka, Bana Lazarevića 1, Republic of Srpska, B&H
2 University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physics, 21000 Novi Sad, Trg Dositeja Obradovića 4, Vojvodina, Serbia
3 University of Eastern Sarajevo, Faculty of Technology, Karakaj bb, 75400 Zvornik, Republic of Srpska, B&H


This pa­per pre­sents the re­sults of re­se­arch of behavior of pho­non sub-system in ul­trat­hin co­a­tings that are ap­plied on elec­tro­des in Li-ion bat­te­ri­es and that in­cre­a­se the ef­fi­ci­ency of ion tran­sport. Using the met­hod of Green fun­cti­ons it was de­mon­stra­ted that in ul­trat­hin films, in­cre­a­sed mec­ha­ni­cal oscil­la­ting of crystal­li­ne lat­ti­ce and for­ming of stan­ding wa­ves oc­cur, whi­le, ther­mal ca­pa­ci­ti­ve­ness and con­duc­tion of the ove­rall co­a­ting dec­re­a­ses. With their in­cre­a­sed oscil­la­ting, pho­nons re­le­a­se the ions cap­tu­red on and wit­hin elec­tro­des, and thus influence an in­cre­a­se in ef­fi­ci­ency of ion con­duc­ti­vity.

Keywords: ion con­duc­ti­vity, Li-ion bat­te­ri­es, ul­trat­hin films, pho­nons, he­at ca­pa­city.

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